Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Psylocke Poll - Where do you want to see Psylocke?

Our first Psylocke Poll! And it is the question everybody is asking since rumour has it that our beloved TK Ninja will return to the main Marvel Universe! Where should her big return be? In Uncanny X-Men (most likely) with Cylops, Emma Frost, Pixie and Bondage and S&M? In Astonishing X-Men with Cyclops, Emma Frost and some other people? In X-Men: Legacy with Xavier, Rogue and the great Miss Sinister? In X-Force with all the killers and her once lover Archangel? In Captain Britain and MI:13 with her twin brother Brian? In Cable with, well, Cable and baby Jean Grey? In Young X-Men with... the students!? Or should she stay with the Exiles? Vote on the side bar and see the results in a week from now!

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