Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tim Seeley on New Exiles #18 Cover

Tim Seeley, New Exiles' new artist, has talked about his New Exiles #18 cover.

"Hey Kids! Okay, just so you know, I didn't place the characters on the Exiles 18 cover in any order denoting the possibility of imminent death. Honestly some characters got closer placement just cuz I always wanted to draw them! I'm looking at you, Spidey 2099!"

Well, I guess he likes Psylocke! Considering what he's said, It's too soon to especulate anything. We'll just have to wait for the February solicits. Given that New Exiles #17 is out January 21, I guess it's safe to say that New Exiles #18 will be out by February. Though Newsarama has NEX #18 among Marvel's January 2009 solicits too. I wonder what's going on. ;P

Tim Seeley is the artist for New Exiles #14-17, and probably for #18 as well. Here are some of his Psylocke sketches.

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