Friday, October 31, 2008

Psylocke in Wolverine and The X-Men Tomorrow

Tomorrow in Canada, be sure to check Wolverine and The X-Men. The episode "Time Bomb" featuring Psylocke is going to air! In Canada, the series started airing on YTV on Saturday, September 6, 2008 in the 7 pm time slot.

Synopsis: Episode 8 "Time Bomb" - Professor Xavier warns the X-Men about an impeding event that wipes half the mutant population: Nitro will self-detonate in Genosha. The Brotherhood rescue Nitro from a government prison against his will and use Psylocke to control him, planning to use him as a weapon. The X-Men chase the Brotherhood in order to prevent Genosha's destruction.

In this storyline, Psylocke is an Asian telepath and displays a butterfly-shaped energy aura when using her powers. It's hinted that Quicksilver previously had rescued her from an anti-mutant prison and now wants her to return the favor. Pietro wants Psylocke to block Nitro's powers. The X-Men arrive to stop them and later Psylocke is defeated by Emma Frost. Although Psylocke works with the Brotherhood, earlier in the episode she helps a woman who was about to be ticketed by an officer, forcing the l atter to eat the ticket.

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