Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Archrivals: The X-Men vs The Shadow King

As Storm prepares to take on one of the X-Men’s most feared foes, Marvel.com examines his dark history with the Children of the Atom. Check out Psi-War's entry here! If you'd like to read about other battles against the Shadow King, just click on the link. :D

X-Men #78 (1998)
Returned and more powerful than ever before, the Shadow King extended his dire influence to the entirety of mankind. A transformed Psylocke entered the psionic plane with newfound abilities to free her fellow X-Men but as a result came into direct confrontation with the dimensions evil monarch. The Shadow King attempted to corrupt every mind on Earth but in doing so stretched himself too thin, allowing Psylocke to entrap him. Unfortunately, the heroine then found that to imprison the King meant never using her powers ever again.

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Rogue said...

This was one of my favorite Psylocke stories ever. Well writen, well drawn.

in this story, Psylocke reminded me of the one in the australian otback team: Cunning, witty...God I miss that Psylocke!!!