Tuesday, November 15, 2016

X-Position: Bunn Teases IvX’s Impact On Uncanny X-Men

CBR: This week in X-POSITION, “Uncanny X-Men,” “Deadpool and the Mercs For Money” and “Deadpool: Back in Black” writer Cullen Bunn joins us and answers all of your questions about everything from Archangel’s future to what ResurrXion has in store for his “Uncanny” run.

First, thank you for showing Psylocke much needed love and attention. My question: given that Psylocke initially joined Magneto’s X-Men because she believed in the cause, and — more importantly — Archangel. Now that she’s left the team, what will happen to their relationship? Will Archangel return to field duty?

Bunn: For now, Psylocke and Archangel are on two very different paths. Archangel is going to return to active duty. You’ll be seeing a big Archangel issue coming up that will give him a new focus and goal. As for Psylocke, in many ways, she still believes in Magneto’s cause. She just can’t bring herself to be in the same room with the man.

Regarding “IvX” issues of “Uncanny,” how will they read? In terms of, will they be more “IvX,” more “Uncanny X-Men” or a true middle ground? As a big fan of what’s come before and what (hopefully) lies ahead in this series, the idea of “IvX” having a disrupting effect has me quite anxious.

Bunn: I hope the “IvX” issues will occupy a true middle ground. Yes, the events of “IvX” play a huge role in the issues, but I’m using each issue to highlight, elevate, and resolve some of the stuff I’ve been building up to all along. These are not issues that must be read to follow the main event, although I feel like they add some interesting depth to the main series. Likewise, I think you could follow these books (for the most part) without reading “IvX.” The next few issues focus on Fantomex, Sabretooth and Monet, Xorn and Archangel, and Magneto and Psylocke respectively.

Will the Uncanny X-Men remain whole leading into ResurrXion? Will we see a shift in the roster, or worse yet, a complete disband of the team?

Bunn: Sadly, I can say nothing about this, Dylan. I can’t tell you if the book will continue, if the team will exist, or if I’ll be writing an X-book at all. I bet more information on this will be revealed soon.

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