Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #0 Spoilers

Spoilers - 8 months ago: After the events of Death of X, in which Cyclops succumbed to the Terrigen Mist and died, Emma Frost created a Cyclops projection who was murdered by Black Bolt on Medusa’s orders and mutants have managed to destroy one of the Terrigen Mists, Beast has agreed to move to New Attilan and work on a cure for mutantkind alongside the inhuman Iso. Meanwhile at Muir Island, Emma Frost is working on changing into her diamond form more quickly, often leaping off a cliff as an incentive to trigger the change. She plans to face Black Bolt again.

6 months ago: Beast builds a Cerebro-like device for Crystal’s Royal Inhuman Vessel to track mutants nearing the remaining Terrigen Mist. Hank also detects that the Inhuman cloud is shrinking. Meanwhile in Poland, Emma Frost meets Magneto and his team (Psylocke, Sabretooth and Monet). Erik tells her the Inhumans will do anything in order to protect the remaining cloud. Emma assures him she has a plan to destroy the mist, Medusa, Black Bolt and just asks for his and his team’s help.

4 months ago: Beast and Iso head to the Savage Land where they hope to find out why the Terrigen Mist is shrinking. Meanwhile, in Detroit, Emma Frost seeks the young Beast, Iceman and Cyclops and asks them for their help for what’s to come. She insists that young Jean Grey will have a particular role to play in all this. The youngsters agree to help her.

2 months ago: Beast reveals to Medusa that in order to save mutantkind, he would have to find a unique cure for each mutant, as the Terrigen creates a new attack for the specific genome of every individual mutant in different ways. Medusa warns her Inhumans that while they won’t start a war with mutants, they must be ready to win it in case there’s one. At NY, Emma Frost meets a mysterious woman at the Hellfire Club, enlisting her help to move her plans against the Inhumans further along.

Yesterday: Beast analyses the Savage Land terrigen saturation rate rising and hides this data from Iso. At X-Haven, in Limbo, Emma Frost decides to visit Storm. Ororo tells Emma that Beast has called and demanded a meeting with every mutant on Muir Island. Hank sounded worried. Emma Frost assures Ororo that she has a plan and she’s here to save the day.

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