Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #15 Spoiilers

Spoilers: In Maryland, Psylocke reminisces about quitting Magneto’s team while pursuing and putting down a band of Omega Sentinels by herself. It is revealed Betsy is following a list of targets endangering mutantkind. Next on her hit list is Sauron in Cambodia. Sauron is using his powers to enslave mutants and humans alike. Psylocke decides she’s beyond talking about the focused totality of her power, instead she just lets Sauron feel it and defeats him. Next location: Chinatown in San Francisco. Betsy thinks Magneto’s allies might be more dangerous than his enemies, and comes across a mutant hormone growth lab run by the Nasty Boys. Psylocke wonders if they’re working for Magneto, but after scanning them, she finds out she’s just being paranoid. She knocks down every Nasty Boy and destroy their labs. On her way out, Betsy is followed by a strange man who reveals himself to be Mystique in disguise. They engage in a fight, and Mystique says Magneto is somehow behind her following Psylocke. Betsy senses Mystique’s chaotic thoughts twisting her personality and determines Magneto only sent her to follow Betsy, but Raven decided to kill her. Psylocke chooses to help Mystique, stabilizing her id, ego and super-ego, making her whole and eliminating radical mood swings. Betsy explains Mystique is still the same person, only a little more in control and trustworthy. Mystique decides to leave and promises to kill Betsy next time, while Psylocke wonders if she just made her a more valuable asset to Magneto.


Erik Stoop said...

Loved the issue. Betsy just clobbered a group of Omega sentinels, sauron, the nasty boys and Mystique. Not bad, just badass. If she is able to use all her powers she is ofcourse a force to be reconned with. Love that she doesn't know if she isn't just doing exactly what Magneto wants.

Alexander said...

While I still have issues with Lands art. Especially in action scenes, the writing in this issue made up for it. I like that Bunn's Psylocke seems to be a natural continuation of the Psylocke built up in the various X-force volumes.

Whether you liked angry violence addict Betsy or not, this seems to be her trying to use that anger in a new direction while finding her and not being another solider.

Gaile Peck said...

I love any story where Psylocke's the star. And kicking the crap out of everybody.

Eduardo said...

Gosh, simply amazing writing!! She keeps showing that there is always another way different from just killing everyone! Gotta love that attitude! Such a natural evolution for her after all she's been through!

Toca do Caranguejo said...

"Once upon a time, I liked to tell people all about my psychic knife.

I'd get on about how it was the focused totality of my telepathic might."


Brian said...

This issue was just perfection. This is the badass I fell in love with as a kid.

Safal Trading said...

simply amazing writing!! She keeps showing that there is always another way different from just killing everyone

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Toca do Caranguejo said...

Safal Trading, I don't sure your affirmation. "God bless the Nasty Boys" sounds for last words for anyone. And I'm not referring to Psylocke.

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