Wednesday, November 2, 2016

X-Men #8 Spoilers

Spoilers: In Egypt, Gamesmaster is revealed to be Mystique working under the orders of Apocalypse, who admits the purpose of their contest was to hone the X-Men into the saviors mutantkind needs in a war against humans. Meanwhile, Forge scans Lila’s teleportation energy in order to track the X-Men while X-Factor and the students fight the concert-goers led by Adam the X-Treme. Elsewhere in another planet, Gladiator and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard meet the X-Men and warn them the mutant Brood must be eliminated. Storm sets out to defend the Brood and order the X-Men to fight the Imperial Guard. While Rogue distracts Gladiator, Gambit steals the Shi’ar ship. Beats teleports all X-Men to the ship, leaving the Imperial Guard behind. Back on Earth, X-Factor finally controls the concert-goes, before being told off by President Kelly. Meanwhile, in Thailand, Fitzroy and Shinobi Shaw are on vacation. Mangeto’s clone Joseph and Cassandra Nova have kidnapped the Von Struckers and Fabian Cortez and are now asking Shaw and Fitzroy the whereabouts of Gamesmaster. Apocalyspe presents himself before them with Mystique by his side, looking to recruits disciples.

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