Wednesday, July 6, 2016

X-Position: "X-Men '92's" Bowers & Sims Cut Loose In The Fast-Paced '92niverse

CBR: This week in X-POSITION, "X-Men '92" writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims answer your questions about everything from Excalibur '92 and the Upstarts' master plan to -- Boyz II Men and Joey Lawrence?!

I've been having a lot of fun with the series and am already looking forward to future arcs. Will there be any more classroom scenes? Is Beast solely in charge of the students' education or will the other X-Men pitch in and teach classes?

Sims: Our basic idea for the school is that Professor X and Beast are the ones primarily responsible for the teaching, while Storm is in charge of the actual superhero team. As we've shown a little bit, though, the other X-Men do rotate through as teachers. I think the only one we've shown primarily so far is Gambit, though, largely because there's not much that's funnier to us than putting Gambit in charge of a bunch of children.

Bowers: Somewhere around here there's a notebook with a breakdown of how the school's organized, and who does what, but I can't put my hands on it right now. But Beast's definitely the point guy on all things educational, with the still injured Professor X doing some focused teaching behind the scenes -- Charles takes a very specific interest in the school's more psionically inclined students in the second arc. And I think we had Bishop teaching a time-travel class, and Psylocke in charge of international studies, but who's got time to teach when all the students have been turned into vampires?

You're bringing Death's Head to "X-Men '92" (woohoo, yes?) but is there any chance of any more Marvel UK characters getting "92"-ised (is that what we're calling it?), like Dark Angel, Black Axe or perhaps most importantly, Psylocke's brother Captain Britain?

Bowers: Hey, Wessex! We definitely have plans for Excalibur '92, and as you might expect, our version of the team ends up looking a bit different from the one you're used to. I love Excalibur, and was a big fan of the '90s Marvel UK books, so yeah, melding those two together is kind of a no-brainer. Excalibur is to the X-Men as the Defenders are to the Avengers -- they're related as much as they're apart, and with that in mind, we've taken that concept to the Nth degree in '92, and I can't wait for you to see what we do!

Bishop and Psylocke seem to be adjusting to the X-Men's way of doing things, but what about the rest of X-Force? What role will they play in future stories?

Sims: Keep reading. If you know me and Chad, you know we can't stay away from Cable for long.

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