Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #10 Spoilers

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Spoilers: In Colorado, Psylocke has summoned Archangel to the X-Men’s aid, unwittingly triggering the Death-Flight, an army of Archangel clones. Betsy tries and reach Archangel’s mind – represented as a decayed temple in ruins – only to find Warren (Hippie Angel) being afraid of the darkness. Meanwhile, Magneto destroys Genocide and Clan Akkaba, and leaves the inner hidden city with Mystique and Warren, whose feathery wings start growing again. Back to NY, Monet lures Emplate away from his minions only to betray him and let him fade out of reality. Emplate warns her he won’t go anywhere and both seem to have bonded in some capacity. Back to Colorado, Fantomex finds Psylocke and decides to give up on his revenge against her. While the Archangel army continues to attack the people of the city, Magneto, Mystique and Fantomex come to Psylocke’s aid. Betsy explains that Archangel and Warren are two separate beings that are lost without each other – without Warren’s humanity, Archangel’s just a shell with a mission. Warren makes up his mind and decides to embrace Archangel and merge with him once more. Becoming one and the same with Warren, Archangel seems to regain some capacity of humanity, but still is unaware of what or who he is. Fantomex and Mystique flee. Back at the Savage Land, Betsy tells Erik she hasn’t found any trace of the Dark Angel persona in Archangel and that he’s sworn off violence. Psylocke makes it known to Magneto she’s not happy he’s employing Mystique and Fantomex on the down low. Monet is unable to tell the others exactly what has happened between her and Emplate – M now sports fanged mouths in the palms of hands like her brother. Back in Archangel’s mind, Betsy finds it as a brand new shiny temple, in which he preaches now only he can tell who he is supposed to be, not others.

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