Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Civil War II: X-Men #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: After the inhuman Ulysses predicts a Brood attack, Storm’s X-Men team up with Captain Marvel to counter-attack. Carol warns Ororo that Magneto will most likely come for Ulysses and asks her to keep an eye on him. At the Uncanny X-Men’s HQ in the Savage Land, Psylocke probes Nightcrawler’s mind and confirms his change of heart is genuine. Kurt explains Ulysses’ powers are dangerous and is worried over what people might do based on predictions. Magneto sends Fantomex to New Atillan to spy on the Inhumans and find out their plans concerning Ulysses. Gambit surprises Fantomex and reveals he was sent by Storm to see that Magneto wouldn’t do anything reckless. Fantomex uses misdirection so they aren’t seen by Inhuman guards. Jean-Phillipe and Remy fight, and Gambit ends up overpowering Fantomex, calling Magik to take them away from New Atillan. Meanwhile, at the Savage Land, Sabretooth finds out Psylocke about to steal the Blackbird. Betsy explains she doesn’t agree with Erik’s actions, especially because he has sent Fantomex to do the dirty work. Creed says he doesn’t agree with Magneto’s plan either, but will deal with it in his own way, while Psylocke flees with the Blackbird. Magneto says Psylocke’s leaving is a loss, but that the world is full of psychics.


FSaker said...

Great to see Fantomex and Gambit finally meeting each other (even though they were supposed to be living in Utopia at the same time, they never appeared together in the same story)! But is Remy part of Ororo's team now? I thought he and Rogue were with the Uncanny Avengers...

I wonder if Psylocke is leaving Magneto's team for real or if she'll be back by the end of this tie-in. While most of her friends are in Storm's team, the presence of teen Jean there could make her feel unnecessary there, as they have the same powers. Plus, who could be the new telepath that Magneto will call to help him? Emma Frost? Rachel Grey/Summers? Xavier's villainous son/grandson from the future (assuming Bunn even remember that he exists)?

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I praybit's not anyone from that horrid Battle or The Atom crossover.

I think it will be R'Chel the Dino as Bunn has gone on record to claim her as his favorite X-man.