Thursday, August 28, 2014

X-Men #19 Preview

X-Men #19
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Harvey Tolibao, Dexter Soy
Cover by: Terry Dodson

The Story:
• With S.W.O.R.D.'s orbital headquarters, the Peak, literally hanging in the balance, the X-Men race into deep space to find the source of the new threat that's emerged from the abyss.
• But little do they suspect that lurking in the shadows of the Acanti Skunkworks, a conspiracy is waiting to entangle them...
• And what's worse is that it's a conspiracy that has connections to the deaths of Rachel Grey's family!

In Stores: September 3, 2014


Brian said...

"PSINIKT". I love it.

Eric Ton said...

Nice, she decided to become Wolverine. Of course it make perfect sense, she is the best there is at what she does.

MellyMel said...

Really like the tk claws!! If she could just keep it to those, tactile telekenisis (to enhance her physical strength like Superboy) and charging up her real katana blades I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!:-)

Brian McGhee said...

MellyMel, I completely agree!! I'm normally a HUGE fan of all the showy semi-green latern style art. I know people hate it, but I see it as her growth and that she's a one woman army. She's been through hell, and back and stands to tell the tell. "Best there is at what, SHE, does...PSINIKT!" Nice!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

LOL. "PSINIKT" was cute and made me LOL. I still hate all the TK weapons though. Her TK waa best used in her mini-series. Leave it to that and levitating and I'm cool.