Wednesday, August 13, 2014

X-Men #18 Spoilers

Spoilers: The X-Men squad goes on a mission to exterminate A.I.M.-developed viruses which have and will continue to evolve. Psylocke, Rachel and Monet telekinetically push the viruses into a grouping so Storm can light them up. Afterwards, Beast contacts the team and informs about something that went down at SWORD’s orbital HQ: Deathbird was left for dead in outer space heading to Earth. Beast says Agent Brand has requested their help given the X-Men’s connection to the Shi’ar. Dr. Reyes is already on orbit awaiting for them due to her knowledge on Shi’ar biology. Once they meet, Brand explains she expects the X-Men telepaths to be able to get inside Deathbird’s head. While Dr. Reyes runs some tests, Psylocke, Rachel and Monet group together to enter Deathbird’s head. They find out she’s been experimented on. Deathbird wakes up and senses “they” are near. Elsewhere, Brand and Storm find the orbital headquarters being attacked by Sidrian hunters on their way for Deathbird. The Sidri cuts the station power and attacks. Cecilia joins the telepaths and together they protect Deathbird. Dr. Reyes assumes the Sidri are after Deathbird’s baby: she’s pregnant.


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ComicBookGeek said...

too many baby stories!

Vinniebabe said...

I love the psychic mini gun :)