Thursday, August 14, 2014

X-Force #8 Art


Vigmed said...

Why didn't Psylocke make a machine gun and mow'em all down???

Eric Ton said...
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Eric Ton said...

I really love how Spurrier was able to emphasize the true beauty and nature of Psylocke as she slays and kills her enemies. Even though she was shown a brief moment, we going to see a huge epic fight with MI6 and the abomination created by Volga in the next chapter.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I love how she's using her REAL katana and telekinetically augmenting it versus creating a flashy TK katana.

Brian said...

Oh, get it gurrl!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I just saw your comment at the very top. HAHA! You are a mess! LOL!

Vigmed said...

Ha! Yeah, that comment was dripping with sarcasm.

That pic of Psylocke is how I'd want to see her using her TK more often, as an extension of both herself and her sword. She doesn't need the gimmicky ranged arsenal she's been shown using. It isn't her! Sure, I guess you could argue that it makes her unique if she continued to use her TK in that regard, but there's a clear problem with that. She isn't a Green Lantern! Okay, I kid with that remark, but seriously, she is already unique! Look at it this way, in all of Marvel, how many heroes are trained to be badass ninjas? Enough to count on one hand, probably? Add in the TK and TP and she stands alone (right? I think I'm right lol). So, why not exploit that instead?

Makes no sense to me why Marvel continually dismisses that combination as a whole. She is rarely portrayed as the sum of ALL her gifts and talents. As much as I enjoyed reading Remender's use of her during his run on X-Force, even he failed to utilize her to her full potential. However, what he did do was increase that already untapped potential even moreso by making Psylocke an omega level telepath.

So, now our favorite girl is even more powerful, but what does she do? Creates mental projections of bows, flails and machine guns? What the fuck is that about? And that one time she set up some kind of "visible" mental burglar alarm at the school where she was shown puNCHING IN SOME KIND OF KEYCODE!?! What. The. Fuck. Why couldn't Psylocke be shown, oh, I don't know, meditating somewhere and using her "omega" telepathy to keep guard AND comfort the students? I mean, shit, it's not that hard to come up with more appropriate uses.

Now I'm all riled up. I need to get gone lol.

But yeah, I was really happy to see her using her power in that way.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Yeah. That key code shit was ridiculous.

Tazirai said...

One of the reasons I hate the term Omega, is because people think it means that Omega level characters can do anything. It just means her POTENTIAL is there, not that she's reached it yet. I hope it gets retconned from the X-books one day. But I truly despise the gimmick of her weaponry, so stupid. I do like her using her Telepathy and (even though I hate it also) her Telekinesis to enhance her abilities and hinder her foes. She's at her best when she pops out of nowhere and attacks, then fades out.
That's Psylocke to me, not some damned Pink lantern.

The keycode stuff is dumb.