Thursday, August 14, 2014

X-Force #8 Spoilers

Spoilers: A secret British covert ops team in the Middle East tries to track some sort of terrorist group that's been blowing people up with much mystery. The team is led by M16 Agent Melinda Argyll and is accompanied by an American journalist who will document the mission. The soldiers are attacked by mysterious figures disguised as the terrorists (which eventually turns out to be X-Force). In response to X-Force's attack, the covert ops team reveals that they all secretly have mutant powers, just in time for Pete Wisdom's crew to show up and chastise them as superhuman affairs are exclusively the jurisdiction of MI13. Pete kills the reporter, who turns out to be Meme in disguise, leading Cable to reveal himself.


Eric Ton said...

Another great issue done by Spurrier. This time we get to see the enemies point of view in the story.I really like the fact that the UN army has been infiltrated by team X-force and decided to revealed their final trump card. This is seriously badass where you don't see your favorite character saying anything as they hunt and kill each and every one of these members at a time.

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