Wednesday, April 16, 2014

X-Men #13 Spoilers

Spoilers: At an undisclosed location, a mysterious man breaks out of a prison. He knows he’s running out of time and wants his infant son to be his heir. His child is Shogo. At the Jean Grey School, Monet trains with Rockslide; she wants to be ready once the Sisterhood attacks again. Psylocke and Storm meet at the Hangar. Betsy wants Ororo to be active as before and more of a leader instead of a headmistress. Jubilee takes Shogo to Beast for a checkup. Hank assures her the baby’s healthy. At the security office, Rachel reminisces about Sublime breaking up with her and leaving. At the school front lawn, the kids play baseball and Teon is shot at the chest. Beast takes care of him and assures the shot was to wound only. Meanwhile, Sprite passes out after drinking water at the School. Jubilee receives a text message from Shogo’s father warning her he’s coming back for his son and to kill everyone at the School.

Back-up: Hellion, Rockslide, Anole and Broo decide to form a team and train at the Danger Room, which is running a medieval program. They struggle with it until Psylocke appears before them saying they hacked into her program.


FSaker said...

Psylocke is right, Ororo is much more interesting as a superhero than as a headmistress (specially now that she's rocking the badass mohawk haircut again). Possibly Ororo just feels afraid that if she leaves her role as headmistress, no one else in the school will be able to replace her.

Great to see the X-Kids appearing more, and even better to know that Teon didn't die. As for Shogo's father, hopefully he'll be a worthy villain.

What concerns me is that this issue is only part 1 of 6... long arcs often lose steam and end up being unsatisfactory. I hope Wood makes an exception to this rule.

Eduardo said...

Well, this arc seems promising, even though it is long, we are being presented to a brand new villain, that should give them space for plenty of details. Besides, they are probbly gonna develop the Storm leadership question too and this may get conflicting. And we also do not know what relation the former arcs have with this new one.
Let's see how the elements connect altogether. So far, I like this book more than X-Force, though the recently introduced addiction stuff is becoming interesting. Is her addiction ever gonna show up and influence her behavior in this team?