Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All New X-Men #25 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: The Watcher visits Beast and shows him all the realities that will never come to be thanks to him bringing the original X-Men to the present. Reality 1: Psylocke is killed by Archangel after he fulfills his destiny as Apocalypse. Reality 2: Psylocke parades with the X-Men, who are loved and accepted by humans. Reality 3: Psylocke, Storm and Nightcrawler explore the space once they're free to be who they are. Reality 4: Psylocke has a daughter with Iron Man.


Snarky Grin said...

Her space suit is awesome! Aaaaand, I have no idea what she's doing to Kurt's tail in the parade.

FSaker said...

Betsy, Kurt and Ororo in space adventures? This HAS to happen someday! Maybe as an arc of Wood's X-Men (or a crossover between X-Men and Amazing X-Men)?

Wasp should never be in a X-Men team; plus, it's sad that even in an alternate timeline Kitty is still stuck in the same generic uniform. I guess Psylocke's blue bathing suit wasn't the X-uniform that took the longest to be replaced, after all.

As for her daughter with Iron Man, a girl with Stark technology and the powers of both Psylocke and the Captain Britain corps (she is wearing a Union Jack suit, after all) should be extremely dangerous for any opponent she might get.

Nice panels. Bendis still needs to use the REAL Psylocke in a REAL adventure of the All-New X-Men, though. Maybe when Cyclops comes back, the O5 could meet the X-Force, so we could see Scott meeting his son (who could be his grandfather) and Warren meeting the woman who will erase his essence in the future...