Friday, April 11, 2014

X-Force #3 Preview

X-Force #3
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
Variant Cover by: John Romita Jr.

The Story:
• X-Force races their foe, ruthless arms-dealer Volga, through the jungles of Brazil to locate a mutant who might be the key to his undoing.
• But can Psylocke curb her bloodlust long enough to complete the mission?
• And a new member is introduced to the team!

In Stores: April 16, 2014


FSaker said...

Nice preview! It's interesting to see Psylocke as a hero by day and a spy by night, including the change of uniforms for each team. Plus, her admission of being an addict (I guess she still thinks about killing people) and her interaction with Marrow.

Strangely, as annoying as Marrow can be, she does have a point. I also wonder if Cable and Fantomex may have the same opinion about Betsy but just suppressed their thoughts knowing that she could read their minds.

Anyway, the art is definitely improving (the first issue had some great panels but some badly drawn ones as well), and I'm curious to find out who's the new member of X-Force (I assume it's neither MeMe, nor Dr. Nemesis, as both are technically already part of the team).

Eric Ton said...

Oh, Marrow did not just said what I think she said. Psylocke is totally going to kick her to the curb.

Eduardo said...

I don't see it as an addiction, she has conciousness that what she does is not exactly the right thing and has been working on trying to avoid it. She would be addicted if she thought of doing it all the time and with no regrets at all...
I like this personal conflict concerning herself and it reminds me of whne she left the sword of Remender X-Force behind. I really hope she can get past this. She may have picked some bad choices, but she also hit some good ones as well. I liked seeing her as the soul of the team of the old X-Force and would really like seeing her portray this paper here too even though she is struggling inside to do it, because it woul show how much she wants to make things right.

Odm said...

Eduardo - that is a really negative assumption to make about addiction, and is not AT ALL within the parameters of defining it.

The majority of addicts not only feel regret, but also extreme shame surrounding their compulsions. "Why do they continue to do it then?"
That's why it's addiction. That's why it is so hard to understand, just like the mind itself.

She loves the thrill of it. She loves winning. She loves knowing that she is superior

to an opponent in victory. I necessarily don't see why he's going the addiction route either though - but can't really judge it in just a few panels.

Eduardo said...

I did not mean to insult anyone, I know addiction is a disease in which there are complex changes in the brain that lead to the persistent active behaviour of seeking the object of abuse. Let's take it as lure, as the preview itself described. I don't believe that is a portray that shows her correctly and really hope that if they are gonna keep this plot going, it really needs more explanation of the reasons that are leading her to it, as you also suggested. I did not think of addiction because I do not see an active behaviour of seeking or being obligatorily bloodthirsty. If this is being engaged to her character, then we really need to check what is coming.
My apologies, Odm!