Wednesday, April 16, 2014

X-Force #3 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke obtains intel based on Amazonas, Brazil. X-Force waits for her there while she fulfills her duties as an X-Men by day, much to Marrow’s dismay. Once Psylocke joins the team in Amazonas, she reveals she ran a mindsweep on Cerebra and found out Volga is about to launch something new on the arms market. She also tracked a Brazilian mutant named Antonio Aggasiz, whose brain was bursting the name “Volga”. Psylocke deduces he’s an escapee. Betsy tracks his signature and that of many others mutants to a “mutant sanctuary” in the middle of the forest. Psylocke and Fantomex get past through the guards and infiltrate the place. X-Force regroups and are ambushed by guards after figuring it out the “sanctuary” is actually a prison where the government secretly imprisons mutants from all over the world to avoid public outcry. One of the mutant prisoners says the rest of the guards headed to a specific room wearing psi-helmets. Cable releases all mutant prisoners and orders them to take on the guards, but Psylocke induces all of them to sleep, prisoners and teammates alike (except Cable) as she feels the prisoners shouldn’t be used to kill. Betsy then tells her teammates that she wasn’t recruited; she sought Cable because she couldn’t bear staying away from X-Force, from killing. She's an addicted. Meanwhile, in the physical plane, she managed to kill all the remaining guards. X-Force finds Antonio, who’s traumatized and is not much help. Volga appears before them as some sort of energy projection and kills Antonio.


Eric Ton said...

Wow, this was a great story that focuses mainly on Psylocke's personal views on being a member of X-force. Spurrier is doing a better job then Humphries when it comes to comparing the different feelings Betsy must succumb whether or not she should abide by the idea of killing. We also got to see Betsy being a bad-ass ninja assassin where hasn't lost any of her game since Remender's series. I believe that Psylocke realizes the fact this is her one and true calling. I probably think the dark seed that Warren have inserted within Betsy has come crawling back its way inside Betsy's personality. She is now trying to suppress this darkness from corrupting her. Knowing what Betsy has accomplished, she can overcome anything no matter what comes at her.

Eduardo said...

Yes, they are really gonna show her like this and the wya it was put made it very interesting. I have faith in her too and will struggle along with her as she tries to recover.
She is there to face it, brave as she is.

FSaker said...

Great characterization of Psylocke. It's interesting that, in Humphries's run, when Fantomex made Betsy kill guards to escape a museum, he implied that deep down she wanted to do it. Apparently he was right.

Maybe it has some connection to the Death Seed, but I think it's more likely that she feels the urge to kill ever since she joined Wolverine's X-Force (maybe ever since she got body-swapped and manipulated by the Hand to become their prime killer). Whatever is the cause, I hope she eventually overcomes this addiction.

This book is great. Too bad that, since every issue is narrated by one of the characters, the next issue will likely be narrated by Fantomex - and although I like him, the fake French accent Spurrier repeatedly shows for Fantomex annoy me a lot. Hopefully his narration won't have the accent and will reveal that he's just using it to annoy Betsy.

FSaker said...

Speaking of Fantomex, shouldn't his mask BLOCK Psylocke's telepathy, as it did in Remender's run? Or is he voluntarily allowing her to read his mind and induce him to sleep whenever she wants?

Tazirai said...

Psylocke has always been a kill happy loon. Willing to make hard choices, so others don't have to. I posted a picture on the CBR thread, showing her burgeoning bloodlust since before she was a ninja.