Monday, July 31, 2017

X-Women by J. Scott Campbell

Astonishing X-Men ‘80s

Astonishing X-Men ‘90s
Astonishing X-Men RessurXion
X-Men Blue ‘60s

X-Men Blue ‘60s (Version 2)
X-Men Blue RessurXion
X-Men Gold ‘70s
X-Men Gold ‘80s
X-Men Gold RessurXion


FSaker said...

Nice arts! However, if I could, I'd change some things in them:

- in the Astonishing '80s illustration, I'd put both Psylocke and Rogue in their Outback uniforms (in other words, the armor and cloak for Betsy, and the green bathing suit over black catsuit for Anna Marie);

- in the X-Men Blue '60s illustration, it would be more faithful to the X-Men chronology if Jean had her real debut uniform on (even if this one does look much better);

- finally, in the X-Men Gold '70s illustration, I'm pretty sure Campbell could have used Rachel instead of Jean, in her red leotard with the huge yellow phoenix symbol covering her torso (which was actually one of the few GOOD uniforms Rachel ever had).

Anonymous said...

X-women = most powerful women in the marvel universe.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I like the Anna/Elizabeth 80s rendition. :-)

Also, if he added in Rachel in 70s, that might ring false as she was nowehere in sight then.

FSaker said...


I like their rendition, too; I just think the Outback uniforms are better (and would also count as 80s looks for them). As for Rachel, yes, she wasn't introduced by then, but then again, neither was Kitty (she appeared for the first time in 1980, and only almost a year later she became Xavier's student and a "X-Men trainee"). Plus, at least the illustration would be faithful to the others, showing Rachel instead of Jean.

Anyway, speaking of the decades of X-Men, have you guys seen this preview page of Ed Piskor's miniseries?

X-Men from their beginning until the first time Claremont abandoned the franchise - including Psylocke both in her Outback armor and in the Hand ninja suit... I LOVE IT!!!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


You know... After i replied, i thought to myself, "Wasn't Kitty introduced in 1980 during the Dark Phoenix Saga?" You're totally right. My bad. Also, re: Rachel... I though the whole reason for naming her... Let me compose myself and stop laughing.. Prestige... Was to differentiate her from her mother! So why do they insist on showing her and Jean and "Jeen" as interchangeable substitutes for each other as if they're all the same person when all three are quite different. This is why these days... the older I get... The more I find myself gravitating toward Image over Marvel. Marvel seems to just be stuck in terms of how it treats and writes its characters. Especially non-male and non-white ones.

Regarding that pin-up.. LOVE... Of course, panel 3 is my favorite as it was the last time I found the X-books to actually be worth reading. :-)

Tazirai said...

I got two copies of the 80's issue. A friend went to SDCC and got them for me.