Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psychics around the world are attacked by an unknown force, dying one by one. While in London, Psylocke suffers the same fate, but before she is consumed, she reaches out to a few X-Men, asking for their help. Dominated, Betsy is taken to the top of the Shard building where she manifests a colossal psychic butterfly, threatening all of London against her will. Old Man Logan and Rogue are the first to arrive. As Rogue gets near Psylocke, Angel comes just in time to protect her from Betsy’s sharp blades. Enter Gambit and Fantomex, who help protect the civilians on the streets along with Old Man Logan. Meanwhile, Bishop reaches the X-Men, and Warren takes him to the top of the building towards Rogue and Psylocke. Rogue wants to absorb Betsy’s psychic energy and have Bishop absorb it from her and project it into something harmless. Once the X-Men succeed in freeing Betsy, Beast arrives on the scene and all of them regroup. Betsy warns them it was The Shadow King’s doing, who’s coming after all psychics, building a web to force his way out of the Astral Plane. Psylocke wants to send the X-Men to the Astral Plane so they can stop the Shadow King. Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Old Man Logan all volunteer to go. Warren prefers to stay behind and protect Betsy. Psylocke stresses that she doesn’t trust Fantomex, but after some unfriendly worlds, she agrees to let him go as well. Finally, Bishop also opts to stay behind with Warren and Betsy. Psylocke then sends Rogue, Gambit, Fantomex, Beast and OML to the Astral Plane and warns them against the Shadow King’s methods. On the Astral Plane, Farouk rejoices that the X-Men are coming and is sure that their secrets will be their downfall. The Shadow King opens a vault where he finds Professor Xavier, his prisoner in chains.


Unknown said...

really excited for this storyline...Elizabeth looks great too

Eduardo said...

I'll take my risk for being too obvious but why didn't she join them on the astral plane??

Eduardo said...

I would never have thought of Xavier being around and would love to see the giant butterfly again!!

leang heng said...

really excited for this storyline...Elizabeth looks great too.

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Anonymous said...

Last page was completely unexpected. Maybe Shadow King kidnaped Xavier's mind when he was dying and encaged him on his own mind.
What I really liked about this issue was the characterization of the team, you really can see the characters' voices and the different relationships between then.
And of course, it's a selfie contained history, like the last great mutant titles like Astonishing X-men by Whedon and Uncanny X-force by Remender.
Jim Cheung art was amazing too.