Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Charles Soule Twitter Q&A

Any character you plan on bringing back out of the background so to speak?
Soule: Kind of. I'm writing all the characters in Astonishing X-Men in a way I think works best for this story. Like how Joker evolves, etc.

Will the series have a regular artist?
Soule: No. New artist for each issue of Astonishing X-Men, all phenomenal.

I haven't followed any X-Men books since before Civil War II. Will I be lost? Or is it self contained?
Soule: Astonishing is completely self-contained. You don't have to have been reading anything else (but it's all great!)

How much of Psylocke's past will be covered?
Soule: Define "covered." Psylocke is Psylocke, but this is a new story, designed to take everyone to new places. Doesn't look backward, really.

Haven't read X-titles for a while. Is it new-reader friendly?
Soule: Astonishing X-Men is new reader-friendly.

Will Bishop's "villainous" period be addressed? Really a low point for the character.
Soule: My pal Sam Humphries handled all of that in his run on Uncanny X-Force. Won't be addressed in Astonishing.

How important will Astonishing be to the future direction of the X-Men books? Is this more of a spin-off or is this a key series?
Soule: Key.

What's the character combination you've enjoyed writing most so far?
Soule: Fantomex and Mystique are fun.

What conflict within two members of the group is most interesting to you? If there even are any?
Soule: Tons. Wait and see!

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