Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Secret Empire #1 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: During the Secret Empire event and the Hydra takeover, New Tian is a mutant territory off the coast of California, and Xorn, Sebastian Shaw, Psylocke, Beast and Nate Grey are seemingly affiliated with it.

According to the solicitations of Secret Empire: United, While the country cowers in obedient fear of the oligarchy of Hydra’s High Council, Steve Rogers revels in the peace he’s finally brought to his planet. But when a contingent of mutants, led by Emma Frost, stokes the fires of rebellion in New Tian, the mutant-controlled territory of the United States, Steve’s leadership is called into question. So the supreme leader takes to the frontlines to face down those who would dare oppose beginning with the White Queen herself!


FSaker said...

Oh, so the guy with the trenchcoat is Nate Grey? A lot of people have been trying hard to figure out who he was, with some people thinking it was Gambit, others guessing it was Magneto and even someone betting on Quicksilver...

Anyway, does it mean these are the X-Men that will be led by Emma Frost in the tie-in? If so, the only reason for Betsy being part of it would have to be desperation; after all, she tried to KILL Magneto just because she thought he agreed (although he probably did agree) with Emma's plan to exterminate the inhumans... one would think she would be even more aggressive than that with Emma herself, right?

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