Sunday, May 28, 2017

Charles Soule Twitter Q&A

Soule: Astonishing X-Men is big and overarching. Builds and builds. Think like a season of Game of Thrones.

Soule: You may have to look elsewhere for that particular pairing - but the villains here are great.

Soule: Nope re: Weapon Plus. I'm enjoying Psylocke a lot.

Soule: Not so far, but not impossible.

Soule: Nope.

Soule: Astonishing is extremely forward-looking. Not much dwelling on past stories. The idea is to take this cast to new places.

Soule: Yes. A big part of the story involves the X-Men interacting with the non-X world.

Soule: I'm not sure if it's "innovative," but I'm working a lot on pace. Intense, intense, intense.

Soule: The book is designed to be picked up cold.

Soule: Shadow King is a significant presence.

Soule: All of the above.

Soule: Wait and see!

Soule: She keeps busy.

Soule: There's a thing. I just haven't decided if I'm going to pull the trigger on it here or not.

Soule: Identity.

Soule:The accessibility of the story. Grabber from page 1, and all you need is to enjoy reading good comics.

Soule: Specifically from Messiah Complex, etc? Nada. Sam Humphries' Uncanny X-Force handled that masterfully. Bishop, in Astonishing, is a hero.

Soule: It's not a team, it's a cast, and it's largely consistent throughout. I suggest you start with Astonishing X-Men #1 and never, ever stop.

Soule: Great question. Like sand through the hourglass. Lotta days, lotta lives.

Soule: Nope.


professional cv services said...

That's great news!!! I just can't wait to read this. Looks even more intense than the X-men series. Can't wait to getmy hands on my own copy.

Toca do Caranguejo said...

The Soule responses... Didn't amend my opinion about him. I don't care for your short responses (He is using his Twitter, after all). But phrases like "Think like a season of Game of Thrones" (gosh, he's so pretentious) "Astonishing is extremely forward-looking", while he's using a classic villain and "I'm working a lot on pace. Intense, intense, intense", thought with his history of leaving the stories in half, letting the next writes in a bad situation, does not make the magic here. I'm a bit wary with this comic series.

There are a good points too, however. The main ones are the continuity and the position of some characters such as Rogue and Bishop. The fact that he does not get into a story that he doesn't know or doesn't care about, I think it's fair and that is a wise decision (I'm referring to the plot developed by Cullen Bunn involving Fantomex and the world).

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