Monday, January 9, 2017

X-Men '92 #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: In America 2099, Doom 2099 gives the Darkhold to Scott and Jean and send them back to the present. Meanwhile in the present, Apocalypse tries to convince mutants of the impending attack of Xodus the Forgotten. Cable doesn’t buy his words and sends X-Force after Apocalypse. Xavier believes Apocalypse and plead mutants to protect him. Psylocke readily stops Archangel from hurting En Sabah Nur. The X-Men and X-Factor team up to defeat X-Force. With Cable down, Apocalypse explains his plan to activate the x-gene in all humans, turning them into mutants as a way to defeat Xodus. Jean and Scott arrive and share a moment with their son Cable. Dead Girl suggests using the Darkhold to turn every human into mutant the same way they turned every vampire into humans. Professor Xavier sent out a telepathic message to the whole world, inviting humanity to join the mutants to save the world from Xodus. The answer is yes, so Dead Girl casts a spell, with Charles's mental support, to turn homo sapiens into homo superior. It works but at a cost. Professor X is dead. Everyone flies into battle as Xodus arrives to Earth. The book ends as X-Men ’92 is now called Earth X.

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