Monday, January 9, 2017

X-Men '92 #10 Art


FSaker said...

Wait, Doctor Doom exists in this Earth? I know Franklin recreated many Earths and this may be one of them, but it's curious, as he didn't exist there (since he was the Father Emperor of Battleworld and all that).

In any case, this is a nice conclusion. Assuming the X-Men will be able to defeat Xodus (whoever he is), there will be no more reason for hate and discrimination against mutants, since everyone is a mutant now. And the best part of it: this transformation wasn't forced; people actually ACCEPTED to become mutants (shame on you for the M-Day, Scarlet Witch!).

Overall, X-Men '92 could have been a little more faithful to the animated series (I mean, where were people referring to each other only by their codenames, verborragic Storm, ultra-redneck Rogue, goody two-shoes Cyclops, clumsy Jean Grey and so on?). Plus, even though Psylocke and Bishop came from this universe's X-Force, it would be nice to see them a little more lighthearted.

Nevertheless, it was a fun journey, I'm glad Betsy got to be a huge part of it, and it was worthy to read. Now, let's wait and see if this Earth X ever gets its own book or nor.

pound my cakes! said...

wtf! Why does Polaris have a jet pack, she can fly with her magnetic powers.