Thursday, January 12, 2017

IvX #2 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Medusa and Johnny Storm prepare for the mutant attack. Medusa gets into her warrior queen outfit. Storm urges the X-Men to have restraint and not hurt civilians. The X-Men fight the Inhumans, including Psylocke attacking Nur. Magik teleports many Inhumans to Limbo. Teen Beast breaks into Old Beast's lab but is interrupted by Medusa. Medusa attacks Teen Beast and slams him, but Nightcrawler teleports in and takes her out. Storm tells Teen Beast to go into Old Beast's comp. Iso and Inferno are on a mission to escape, but Sabretooth stops them. Iso and Inferno know his file and feel they're no match for Sabretooth. Johnny Storm attacks Sabretooth and sets him on fire, Sabretooth attacks Johnny Storm and he is sent to Limbo. Medusa, Johnny, Crystal and more Inhumans are seen locked up in Limbo. Iso and Inferno escape, and Storm sends Teen Angel and Laura after them. Laura crashes their getaway plane and they all fall. Iso and Inferno find an Inhuman teleporter and he gets them away before Laura attacks. Iso and Inferno are now in some jungle and they make a comment that they're glad they got away from Wolverine. Old Man Logan surprises them...


FSaker said...

So, the X-Men are locking up the Inhumans in Limbo... yeah, because it ended really well for them in AvX (not to mention that it is extremely cruel treatment). Don't they ever learn??

It seems Marvel will once again do everything they can to try to make the readers cheer against the X-Men (since the X-Men do have a solid justification to attack the Inhumans, as much as I'd prefer them to reach a peaceful solution). Since it didn't work with the Avengers in AvX (who are much more popular superheroes than the Inhumans, as much as I prefer the Inhumans over the Avengers), I'm positive that it will fail this time again.

As for our purple-haired lady, it's always cool to see Betsy fighting, but I really hope this time she will participate of the decisions, dialogues and all in the main miniseries. It was frustrating that in 12 issues of AvX, she was mostly in the background and only had one line (she was badass in the UXM and AvX:VS tie-ins, though).

Kirk Parslow said...

It seems that that their entire game plan hinges on Magik. But yes, it is cruel to jail the Inhumans without any trial or attempt at a peaceful resolution, particularly in a hellish wasteland with no water or food. What annoys me most about this entire story is that the Xmen are being manipulated, in large part, by Emma, hellbent on her quest for vengeance. It also seems harsh that Alchemy was duly sacrificed by Scott and Emma, but he doesn't even get the credit in death he deserves. Apparently, it was Scott who stopped the other cloud.