Wednesday, September 21, 2016

X-Solicits for December 2016

IVX #1 (of 6)
Writers: Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire
Art & Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
Action Figure Variant Cover By: John Tyler Christopher
Black Panther 50th Anniversary Cover By: Mike Del Mundo
Variant Cover By: Michael Cho
Variant Cover By: Kenneth Rocafort
Deadpool Party Variant By: Chip Zdarsky
Deadpool Party Sketch Variant By: Chip Zdarsky
Hip-Hop Variant By: Wilfred Santiago
Inhumans Variant By: Terry Dodson
Premiere Variant By: Leinil Francis Yu
X-Men Variant By: Ardian Syaf
Blank Cover Variant Also Available
• The X-Men and Inhumans have been on a collision course since the link was proven between the Inhumans’ precious Terrigen Mist and the sickness and death of many mutants. When Beast discovers that the mutants have only two weeks before the planet is uninhabitable for them, an Inhuman/mutant war is unavoidable. Co-written by Charles Soule (Uncanny Inhumans, Daredevil) and Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men, Moon Knight), IVX delivers sensational set pieces, gargantuan grudge matches, all drawn by the sensational Leinil Francis Yu! Whether you’re for the X-MEN or the INHUMANS, IVX promises to shatter the Marvel Universe as you know it!

Extraordinary X-Men #17
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Eric Koda
Cover By: David Yardin
Variant Cover By: Tba
• Inhumans Vs. X-Men Tie-In!
• The X-Men have just learned that the Terrigen Mist—the source of the Inhumans’ powers that through a cruel twist of fate is lethal to Mutants—has reached an irreversible saturation point, rendering Earth uninhabitable to their kind.
• And now they see no other option than to strike against the Inhumans to ensure their own survival.
• But one X-Man doesn’t take the decision lightly.
• STORM has literally led the X-Men through hell and back, but will she lead them against their longtime friends and allies?

Uncanny X-Men #16
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Edgar Salazar
Cover By: Ken Lashley
Variant Cover By: Tba
• Inhumans Vs. X-Men Tie-In!
• Since the discovery that the Terrigen Mists—the key to unlocking an Inhuman’s hidden potential and powers—are LETHAL to mutants, the X-MEN and INHUMANS have been locked in a cold war.
• But as the Terrigen seeps into the Earth and reaches an irreversible tipping point, the X-Men are spurred into action to ensure the future of their species!
• And for Jean Grey and Fantomex, this means taking out of commission the Inhumans’ deadliest weapon: Karnak!

X-Men ‘92 #10
Writers: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers
Art by: Alti Firmansyah & Cory Hamscher
Cover By: David Nakayama
• It’s an X-traordinary final issue!
• How will our favorite X-Men survive their biggest threat yet – Apocalypse?
• And will Scott Summers and Jean Grey make it back from the year 2099?
• This is one giant-size finale you don’t want to miss out on!

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