Thursday, September 15, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #13 Preview

Uncanny X-Men #13
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art & Cover by: Greg Land

The Story:
The X-Men join THE HELLFIRE CLUB?! To investigate a string of violent attacks perpetrated by mutants, the Uncanny X-Men ally themselves with their (former?) foes. But what they’re about to uncover may be too much for even their combined might to handle…

In Stores: September 21, 2016

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Toca do Caranguejo said...

I'm strongly suspecting that Gamesmaster is the CEO of Someday Entreprises. Many reasons sustain this theory:

- Cullen Bunn "reviving" another classic character;
- It's necessary someone who possess money, resources, power and amorality enough for create this plan;
- It is confirmed there's a telepath controlling the sleepers (in spite of a possible brain surgery is included, thought);
- Informations only readed by telepathy, and Psylocke, a powerful telepathy, it tooks much time for reading a simple information;
- understanding UXM #15 plotline, only a mutant could be responsive for using another mutants for attack humans. A X-men's human villian would never have such a concern.