Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Civil War II: X-Men #4 Spoilers

Spoilers: In New Atillan, Rachel sends the Inhumans to sleep while Magneto makes his way towards Ulysses. Back in Manhattan, Storm’s team and Magneto’s team keep fighting each other: Storm vs. Archangel, Psylocke vs. Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan vs. Sabretooth, Magik vs. Monet and Gambit vs. Fantomex. Regardless of team choices, Kurt saves Storm and warns Betsy that Mystique is about to attack her as she tends to Warren. Back to Atillan, Magneto is alone with Ulysses. The inhuman tries to talk Magneto out of killing him and explains that this situation won’t turn out the way Erik thinks. Back to the X-Men, after more fighting with each other, Magik teleport Storm’s team to New Attilan to stop Magento. The Uncanny team then jump in E.V.A. and head to New Attilan as well hoping they gave Magneto enough time. Ulysses offers to show Magneto the short term future if things continue: both X-Men teams fighting and killing each other. In New Attilan, Rachel tells the X-Men to stand down as she has memory wiped all the guards of their intrusion and left Ulysses in the care of the Inhumans, while Magneto has seemingly left because what Ulyssed showed him changed his mind. Elsewhere, Magneto has words with Medusa and understands that she knew what Ulyssed would should him. Medusa says he’s not welcome there anymore and that he will be seen only as an enemy from now on, to which Erik agrees. Nightcrawler then returns to Storm’s team, as well as Psylocke returns to the Savage Land with the Uncanny team. Betsy lashes out at Magneto and questions his approaches. Rachel warns them that she’s leaving, but Erik insists she be around as he’s not sure Betsy will be by his side for much longer.

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Toca do Caranguejo said...

Was a pretty decent ending, I think. Even with all the imposed limitations by the editorial, which makes it impossible to create a story with real consequences, "Civil War 2: X-Men" gives emotion and truth, with solid characterization and a story well located in the chronology, despite the story have a very simplistic premise. Cullen Bunn don't reach to create a essencial story (no matter for UXM readers if you write this story or no) but serves for reinforce the already strained Magneto and Psylocke relationship. UXM #15 will be released in November and I want to read so much.