Friday, April 24, 2015

X-Men #26 Preview

X-Men #26
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art by: Roland Boschi
Cover by: Terry Dodson

The Story:
Investigating mysterious natural phenomena in the Blackrock Desert, the X-Men have discovered something monstrous that has ties to their own past. Reliving history, can the X-Men find a way to win the day this time around or are they doomed to make the same painful mistakes?

In Stores: April 29, 2015


FSaker said...

Wait... weren't the X-Women exploring the caves to find and rescue Storm? Am I missing something, or did Storm just manage to escape by herself?

Well, let's not complain, just enjoy this issue. This may be Psylocke's last appearance in a comic book for the next four or five months, at least until Secret Wars is over.

(yes, I know an alternate Psylocke will appear in the first issue of the tie-in inspired in Inferno, but I suspect her appearance there will be just for a couple of panels...)

Vince Lex said...

Just a pet-peeve of mine, I guess...but I hate how artists are not consistent with body proportions.

Psylocke has classically been portrayed as a fashion model, who is supposed to be as tall (even in the Asian body) as Storm...and in those panels she is the shortest of them all...

Davis, Lee, Larroca made her tall...I don't like the inconsistencies between artists. It's as if they they don't do their homework. I realize it's a nit picky...but still

FSaker said...

Maybe it's her posture in these panels? Since she's only seen from behind (Marvel seems to like to show her from behind... at least she's wearing pants this time), she may be bending her knees, while Rachel and Monet are clearly standing straight. Plus, Betsy seems to be resting her head on M's shoulder in the first panel and on Rachel's in the second one.

Betsy is far from being the only character suffering from inconsistencies, anyway. I remember how Wolverine was supposed to be very short, yet recently (before he died) we'd see him being drawn taller than Storm (who used to be drawn taller than him in the past) and occasionally with the same size as most X-Men.

FSaker said...

Changing subjects, don't build your hopes up just yet, but published an article mentioning the Secret Wars tie-in for Masters of Kung Fu and listing the best martial arts in the Marvel Universe. And guess who is listed among them?

Now, as I said, don't build your hopes up. This list doesn't mean that Psylocke will appear in the Masters of Kung Fu tie-in (we know that Kitty will be in the tie-in, yet she's not mentioned in this list). Nevertheless, it's always nice to see that Marvel does remember that Betsy exists. And that she's an awesome fighter.