Thursday, April 23, 2015

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #324

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men Annual #324 – Psylocke takes a clandestine tour through Gambit’s mind, but Remy spots her and warns her to keep out. He doesn’t want his secrets revealed just yet. Written by Scott Lobdell and art by Roger Cruz. Read full summary here.


ComicBookGeek said...

i don't know - but I loved this art in X-men - Mudureira, right? Jim Lee was always my fave - got me into the x-men and loving psylocke - first issue i ever bought was when psylocke was bathing sans her armor in the outback -

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


That's issue 249, "The Cradle Will Fall.." Jim's first Uncanny issue ever and the first and second to last time that Jim Lee ever drew British Bets before her transformation into Lady Mandarin. The second and final time was in issue 256 "The Key That Breaks The Locke," which was when she was changed.'s+death.png

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

By the way, have you all ever read the Gentleman of Leisure blog? It's pretry solid. The author did a recap of the X-Men ladies mall trip which is great. Even better are the reader comments and dialogue. One comment struck
a chord with me in particular as I recall how sad I was for the X-Men around this time as the team started to experience tragedy after tragedy:

"JeremySeptember 3, 2014 at 5:23 PM
I really love this issue, and the next one, and although there are some future stories and issues with considerable merit, we are now entering that weird phase of Claremont's X-Men where it feels like its kinda over. If Fall of the Mutants was the series finale(The X-Men on live TV, protecting a world that hates and fears them from the biggest Adversary they've ever faced and heroic dying for all to see), then Inferno was the big movie they made a couple years later as one last goodbye. It ties up all the big loose ends, like Madelyn, and X-Men vs Marauders, X-Factor and X-Men coming together, etc. what? Break up the team and fart around til #300 for that Shadow King thing I suppose, and we didn't even get to that."

Here's the blog entry. I'm
curious to hear your thoughts on some of the commentary that readers had about Claremont's writing of the women and the inconsistencies as Dazzler being like the female version of C. Thomas Howell as Soul Man during the Outback Era:

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Betsy (and Brian)!

FSaker said...

Beautiful art - and I must commend Roger Cruz for drawing her boots, arm bands and leg bands without changing them from panel to panel (you know, like when in one panel she would have a longer boot in one leg, a shorter boot in the other, several irregular leg bands - and then the following panel would change the sizes of boots and the number of leg bands).

The 1990s may have been filled with mediocre stories, but there's also so much to love about it - most of the uniforms were cool, the teams were all interesting and each of them had a different purpose (I hated the 1990s X-Force, but at least we can acknowledge that they weren't redundant)... not to mention that it's thanks to this decade that the amazing X-Men:TAS was produced (unfortunately without Betsy in the team), as well as Capcom's fighting games and the SNES Mutant Apocalypse title.

As for these scans, Betsy was disrespectful trying to read Gambit's mind without permission. Though in her defense, back then everyone knew very little of Gambit and no one was sure if he was reliable (Bishop even accused him of betraying the X-Men in the future), so she could be trying to assure he was really an ally.