Monday, April 27, 2015

Masters of Kung Fu & More Before you pack your bags to tag along to Battleworld, review this list of some of the deadliest, most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe to help you hone your body and mind for combat.

Once a psychic with very little by way of martial arts skills, Elisabeth Braddock survived being kidnapped, brainwashed, and trained by the Hand, to re-emerge as formidable physical force. Although talented with swords and open-handed, Braddock’s most dangerous hand-to-hand ability remains the merger of her two abilities giving rise to a psychic knife that she wields without peer.

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FSaker said...

As I said before, it's always great to see that Marvel will still occasionally remember that Psylocke exists and that she's one of the best martial artists in their universe.

A user from the X-Books board posted that he tweeted the writer for the Masters of Kung Fu tie-in to ask if Psylocke will be shown there. He said the writer replied advising him not to miss issue #3.

It still sucks that she's not one of the main characters in it, but if she really appears in one issue, it's better than nothing. Plus, according to the context of the tweets exchange, her appearance might involve some interaction with Elektra (a fight? A team-up? I don't know).