Wednesday, February 11, 2015

X-Men #24 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke, Rachel and Monet climb down 40 feet underground and are ambushed by strange creatures. Rachel points out they’re linked like a hive mind. The X-Men fight the monster, but one of them hits Betsy’s arm pretty hard. Psylocke then raises a telekinetic shield around them. Betsy decides to psychically dampen her own pain receptors and tells the others they’ll fight their way to the opening on the other side of the cave. The girls manage to take down the creatures and reach the opening. Rachel senses everything in the cavern is connected, even the fungi. Suddenly, they are attacked by a much larger creature. Back at the Jean Grey School, Beast tells Jubilee that he found a certain amount of interstellar hydrogen in Krakoa’s sample. Jubilee thinks this is not a coincidence and leaves the school. Meanwhile, Storm is still struggling to find a way out, fighting with her claustrophobia. Back to the X-Men, Rachel senses the whole place is an experiment gone wrong while Psylocke comes across Kree armor. They deduce the aliens are to blame. Betsy’s condition worsens and Monet decides to take matters into her own hands.

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FSaker said...

So the Kree may be involved with the supercell... and we know the next issues will also include the Inhumans. This could either be very interesting or quite messy - but I trust in Wilson.

Poor Betsy (and poor Storm as well). I wonder if her wound is what will lead to the "EXPLOSIVE" discovery she will make in this arc.