Thursday, February 12, 2015

X-Force #15 Art


FSaker said...

Rock-He Kim's art is quite irregular, but I like it.

As I said before, I doubt E.V.A. is truly gone, but let's wait and see.

And the last page is brilliant! But... did ForgetMeNot shave his goatee? He looks better with the goatee. Psylocke, Marrow and Domino look great, but I thought Hope had thrown her cape (or whatever that cloth is) away. She looks ridiculous with it.

Leo Polonia said...

I do think Betsy holding her katana a bit silly in that last panel. What's the point?

Gaile Peck said...

I'm glad it ended this way. The way Cable ran this team was a complete mess. Ironically, the person he was trying to "save" by assembling X-Force (Hope) bailed the team out of imminent disaster, time and time again. Fired, indeed.