Friday, February 6, 2015

X-Force #15 Preview

X-Force #15
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist & Cover by: Rock He-Kim

The Story:
  • In the final showdown with Fantomex, X-Force gives everything they have to defeat their power-mad teammate-turned-adversary!
  • And in the end, not everyone will emerged unscathed... 

In Stores: February 11th, 2015


FSaker said...

It's weird how ForgetMeNot is in the cover, yet he's absent from the recap page and from all panels in these preview pages. Hopefully he appears in other pages (hopefully not dying).

Anyway, this preview looks great! The fight between Hope and Fantomex seems to be epic! And since this is the final issue, maybe now we'll see the real Cable out of his coma and cured (as well as Marrow - maybe Fantomex, too, but I can understand if Spurrier prefers instead to kill him).

And, of course, Psylocke HAS to get some major spotlight in this issue. After she was ignored for the new all-female A-Force series (even the Alpha Flight ladies appear in the cover:, we deserve to see Betsy being amazing as usual.

CmX said...

I hope Psylocke gets a great moment this final issue, too