Wednesday, July 16, 2014

X-Men #16 Spoilers

Spoilers: Teon and Sprite recover after being injected with the Arkea sample. Meanwhile, the X-Men get ready to fight the Future and retrieve Jubilee. Sabra and Gabriel send files on The Future to Storm; Rachel asks Kymera about future events; and Psylocke mobilizes the X-kids. After some researching, the X-Men track the Future’s most probable whereabouts at the Adirondacks. Back to the Future, he expects the X-Men to exchange Shogo for Jubilee, but she assures him they won’t even consider this offer. The Future then gives his minions a sample of his blood to activate the “Bloodline” defense. Monet is sent to do some recon around the Future’s hideout, but is trapped by the forest, which seems alive. Kymera reveals it’s the “Bloodline”, a living ecosystem. Kymera tells the X-Men they have to trust her and bring Shogo there. Psylocke takes a team of Hellion, Rocklisde and Anole to fight the Future’s minions and get intel on the “Bloodline” system. After Beast brings Shogo, Kymera moves on with her plan.

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