Wednesday, July 9, 2014

X-Force #7 Spoilers

Spoilers: X-Force takes over the former S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier “Pericles” in the Pacific Ocean. Psylocke tries to connect with Cable, but he’s not in the mood to have friends. Doctor Nemesis takes Marrow out to a restaurant and reveals she has about one year to live thanks to Volga's experiments. Meme is bored so she decides to have cyber-sex with Fantomex thanks to the nannites in his brain. Later, cable lectures the team and says they will be monitoring every possible person to track down Volga. Psylocke has issues with this. Afterwards Cable downloads that day's memories and prepares to kill himself. But Fantomex shoots him in the head as a way of dealing with his sociopathic tendencies. He disposes of Cable's body in a shark circle. Elsewhere, Domino is on a side mission on Cable’s behalf in a really weird facility. She tries to free some prisoners but is captured by a new villain, who forces her to watch Cable being killed on TV monitors. The man who captured her is watching every mutant he can, most likely through flies.

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FSaker said...

This book is still awesome, but... Spurrier did make some controversial choices this time. I mean, Hope and Fantomex having sex?? Okay, "cyber-sex", but since she currently only has her virtual interface as a "body", it's practically the same thing.

It's quite disturbing to see Fantomex getting involved with an underage girl this way. It shouldn't be surprising, since Spurrier's X-Men Legacy also had Legion dating Blindfold (who's also underage, as far as I know), but it's still disturbing.

As for Betsy wanting to have sex with a clone that will die in 24 hours just so that they won't have any strings attached... how desperate is she?? I'm glad that Cable's clone rejected her and that later she gave up on this idea herself.

Nevertheless, it's still a great book. Marrow only having one year to live is sad, and I hope that Dr. Nemesis will be able to save her somehow. As for Domino watching Fantomex killing Cable's clone is quite interesting, especially considering that she probably doesn't know that it wasn't the real Cable or that the clone would naturally die in few hours anyway; she will probably try to avenge his death by trying to kill Fantomex... will one of them die before the truth is revealed? Who knows?