Friday, July 4, 2014

X-Force #7 Preview

X-Force #7
Writer: Si Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
X-Force has barely survived an encounter with their newest foe—the swaggering superhuman arms dealer VOLGA… and with their secrets brought to light, they're barely surviving EACH OTHER. How will Cable's team keep it together to carry out their mission? Well I can tell you part of the answer: DOMINO is back! But she could just be in over her head already…

In Stores: July 9, 2014


Eduardo said...

I liked their dialogue. Betsy and Cable have been through a lot. I wonder if he knows all the stuff that happened to her too, since this book brings a closer contact between them. Hope Spurrier keeps the pace from the former arc.

FSaker said...

Amazing. When the past issue came out, I wondered if Spurrier would treat the deaths of Cable's clones seriously, and it only took these four preview pages to have the answer. So, they know they will die, but their memories are uploaded into the brain of the following clone, making it feel like they're not dead.

Each character is being deeply developed, from Cable's clones situation to Marrow's mind tampering to prevent her from remembering her unborn child, to Psylocke trying to preserve her image as a respected X-Men member while she deals with her bloodthirsty addiction, to Fantomex dealing with him being just an incomplete fraction of his former self, to Hope's consciousness trying to help the team while her body is comatose... just Dr. Nemesis could get some more development, but I'm sure he will get it in the next issues.

As for Domino, it's interesting to notice that she doesn't appear in any of the covers for the future issues of this book... will she join the new X-Force or will she just make a cameo this issue and then leave? I'm not too fond of her, but she provided some interesting interactions in Wood's past X-Men book (she and Betsy were quite efficient acting together, and the scene where she pretends she's not aware of Colossus beating up Storm was shocking, to say the least). As long as Betsy is still Cable's second in command, Domino can be a welcome addition to the X-Force.