Wednesday, June 18, 2014

X-Men #15 Spoilers

Spoilers: Kymera tells the X-Men that in her future, the Future infiltrates the school, kidnaps Shogo and maims Jubilee permanently. Storm decides to take any measures necessary to prevent that; the others agree. Jubilee visits Teon and Sprite in Beast’s lab. Beast plans to inject them with a “brain dead” sample of Arkea in order to replicate its self-repair ability in said patients. Kymera is worried they’ll change the timeline, but Ororo assures her that her staying in the present already did that. Later, the X-Men guard the school. Psylocke detects the Future posing as a gardener and attacks him. He adapts to her powers and easily overcomes Betsy. The Future enters the school and shoots at Jubilee, retrieving her body.

Bromo-Superior: When Julian is unable to defeat the medieval soldiers, Psylocke comes to his rescue and shoots at his attacker.  At first, Hellion is upset that the X-Men won’t let the kids prove themselves, but Betsy tells him the man she killed was her Danger Room boyfriend. She wanted to teach them how things go different in the real world where one can’t just reboot the program.


FSaker said...

But... weren't both Jubilee and Shogo quite okay in the future? Him becoming some sort of Iron Man, her getting some laser claws? Maybe they had to suffer in the present to succeed in the future?

Of course the X-Men wouldn't let Future hurt them, though. Speaking of him, anyone capable of overcoming Psylocke in combat can't be ignored. Let's hope Jubilee doesn't get really injured, and that Storm's team will be able to defeat him (or at least make him retreat from the school without Shogo or Jubilee).

The second story, while entertaining, seems a little meaningless and detached from the main story. While I appreciate Wood's intention of developing the X-Students somehow, it has been hindering the development of the main stories.

Nevertheless, he will be missed when he leaves this book, so let's enjoy what we have while we still have it.

KaioniCreative said...
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