Monday, June 30, 2014

Uncanny Avengers #21 Art


FSaker said...

I was about to complain that Betsy was drawn in her old uniform... then I realized she's actually in casual clothes, not in the (in)famous bathing suit.

But who's the brunette in uniform? Unless this arc is supposed to happen before Battle of the Atom (and probably it isn't, since Rogue has been missing from the X-Mansion ever since), Kitty Pryde shouldn't be in the school... unless that woman is Hisako.

...Kitty really needs a new uniform to help us know she's not a generic student.

Gary said...

i was about to say the same thing!

that's Shadowcat there

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Shadowcat. I miss hearing that. Do Kitty and Rachel even have codenames anymore?

Also, will Rogue rejoing adjectiveless? It'd be cool to have both her and M now that Karima is gone. I don't feel that They'd be redundant since Rogue no longer has the Ms. Marvel powers. Plus, their personalities are completely different. I actually am pleasantly surprised about Monet's chemistry with everyone else and like her haughtiness.

FSaker said...

I don't think Rogue and M are redundant, either. But since Wood will leave the book and we already know that Guggenheim will only stay as the writer for few issues, I'm not sure if this book will actually be around by the time Guggenheim's space arc is done.

I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel announced that this book will be canceled. I'd be very frustrated at Marvel, though, because they really did everything to sabotage it (taking Coipel out of the art, then taking Rogue and Kitty out of the team, then moving Wood to another book before he has the chance to finish all his subplots - come on, he said the Sisterhood would be a permanent threat, but I doubt Guggenheim will even show them -, then adding Guggenheim even knowing his history with the X-Men isn't the best one...).

It's amazing to see that even with all the mess that Marvel did with this book, it still reaches decent sales every month. This shows how people do love the X-Women. Unfortunately, if it's canceled, Betsy will probably be restricted to X-Force (which may also be canceled because of its low sales), while Jubilee and M will be thrown into editorial limbo and Rachel will stay as wallpaper in Amazing X-Men. At least Storm will be okay, thanks to her (deserved, may I say) solo book and her leadership role in Amazing X-Men.