Friday, June 20, 2014

X-Force #6 Preview

X-Force #6
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Jorge Molina
• The explosive conclusion of the first arc of X-FORCE!
• The unthinkable has occurred! One of the team is dead and the others are held captive by their newest foe: the swaggering oligarch VOLGA.
• Struggling to save their own lives, X-Force’s secrets come to light as they use everything in their arsenal to survive.
• But when the dust settles, will these revealed truths ultimately tear them apart?


FSaker said...

Nice preview.

But I'm a little worried about this book. The sales for the last issue were very low; it is almost selling LESS than All-New X-Factor (and we all know that the only reason why Marvel doesn't cancel X-Factor is because Peter David is writing it). We know that it will reach at least issue #10 (since we saw the solicitations for issue #9 and they don't say it is the final issue), but I'm really hoping that it doesn't get cancelled shortly after that.

Weird to see how great books like X-Force, Fantastic Four and All-New X-Factor are selling so low, while average stuff like the current Uncanny X-Men sells much more.

Eric Ton said...

I feel like some readers aren't really seeing the big picture of whats really going in Spurrier's series. There are mutants who are being experimented as weapon of mass destruction. And it really indicates how some of these characters are affected by this. Though Spurrier hadn't quickly explain what happen to the rest of the characters since issue one where many people were too quick to judge the book to be bad. As the series continue, he carefully explain what happen to the main characters in delicate details and plots of each issue.
Even though sales are low, Spurrier is starting to get some positive feedback with X-force 5. Here are some reviews I've found.

Matthew Neophytou said...

The current Uncanny X-Men is really good, some interesting writing happening there. I haven't picked up X-Force coz nothing will ever top Remender in my mind. just like when Joss Whedon left Astonishing X-Men