Thursday, December 12, 2013

X-Solicits for March 2014

X-Force #2
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
Variant Cover by: Adi Granov
• Cable. Psylocke. Fantomex. Marrow. They are mutantkind’s protectors, spies, assassins and torturers!
• But just what has driven each of them to join the most deadly incarnation of X-FORCE yet? Yes, Marrow is back! • But how has she regained her mutant powers and what does it have to do with X-Force’s first target?

X-Men #12
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Kris Anka
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Variant Cover by: J.G. Jones
Conclusion to GHOSTS
• The Sisterhood is fully formed, and the battle for leadership begins!
• The X-Men must choose…take down the Arkea Sentinels or go after the Sisterhood.


PsySpears said...

HORRIBLE COVER yuckyucyuckyuck

FSaker said...

Which one?

Kim's is great, in my opinion: it's dark, gritty. Sure, Psylocke's head looks a bit strange and her ass is being featured, but at least it is covered and she looks cool with her sword.

Dodson's is more cartoony. Not all of his covers are good, but I like this one. X-Men fighting Sentinels is always a classic (although Rachel looks better with her coat on).

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