Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #15 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the Underworld, Psylocke creates a psychic bubble to protect Puck and herself from the revenants. Betsy tries to contact the Demon Bear, but it's still under Cassandra's control. The Great Corruptions is almost complete, while revenants are running wild in LA. Outside the Observatory, Spiral teleports Bishop to the rock giang. Bishop hits it with revenant evenom, shattering it into pieces. Storm takes the chance to enter the Observatory, where she strikes the Demon Bear with lightning, breaking Cassandra's hold on it. Psylocke manages to contact the Bear, who comes to her and Puck's rescue. Bishop faces Cassandra, who locks him in his black bug room. Cassandra reminds him of Hope Summers and how Storm erased his memories. Spiral takes the chance to strike Cassandra with evenom, which prompts her to leave Ginny's body. Spiral takes Ginny and teleports out. Cassandra takes over Psylocke's revenant's body. The real Psylocke and Puck return. Spiral teleports back just in time to save Psylocke from Cassandra's attack. Psylocke then stabs Cassandra to death. The Great Corruption has ended. Betsy says she has made it 20 days without killing. The Demon Bear ends up trapped in the Underworld, while X-Force reunite. Bishop is not happy with Storm.


FSaker said...

So... Cassandra is dead?

Really? Did Marvel allow one of the best X-Villains ever to die in a satellite book? Well, at least it was Psylocke who stabbed her, not Puck or Spiral (now that would be shameful)...

In other news, Mike Carey is writing a X-Men graphic novel for May 2014:

Psylocke isn't listed among the X-Men facing the mysterious threat, but Carey does say that the story will show what the other X-Men are doing, so it's possible that she will appear in some panels in it (maybe even get some lines). I mean, if even Rogue will appear even though she's dead (sure, she was Carey's favorite character, but still...), and considering Carey said more than once that he likes Psylocke, I don't see why she wouldn't be in it.

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