Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #15 Art



Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Now they have Psylocke killing her own body yet again. First Fraction, then Remender and now Humphries. Who will next take their stab at let's kill Britsih Elizabeth? LOL.

FSaker said...

In Remender's defense, Psylocke's British body was only presented to her as a possibility in Remender's run. The body wasn't killed, she just rejected it.

If she had swapped bodies in Fraction's run, I'd be okay with that, but he chickened out in the end. As for Humphries, from the moment he had Cassandra offering Psylocke the British body, I knew it would be a bad idea (why would she even be tempted after she REJECTED it in Remender's run??), and I knew the body swap would never happen.

She will probably remain in the Asian body forever, anyway. Thanks to her appearances in other media (videogames, animations, etc.), many readers don't even know she wasn't always Asian...

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

True, FSaker.

The only reason she rejected in Remender's run was because she would have had to co-sign on murdering Fantomex to have it. As for the awful Fraction Sisterhood story, she killed it to get rid of her "demon self" that Madelyne/Red Queen/whoever the hell she was had fighting with her inside it. Based on all of these stories, she's awlays written as wanting to be back in her old body. Even when they got revenge on the Reavers in Uncanny X-Force 5.1, she was salty about them forcing her to escape through the Siege and fall into the Hand's clutches.

I'm just laughing as it seems these writers love to trample all over the original Psylocke's legacy and disrespect her bod with gratuitous violence.

Eduardo said...

Hm everyone seems to think they can haunt Psylocke with her original body...this time it seems very clear that it does not bother her any little.
Well, since Cassandra was caged into british Betsy body, I missed a psychic battle. It would be the old Psylocke versus the new one measuring their telepathic skills. Looks like, as Psylocke also states in the end, that she just quickly chose to kill again.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

She was bothered. Just decided she didn't want her happiness to be at the expense of letting Cassandra run amok.

Tazirai said...

Another reason i'll be happy when Humphries run ends. Drives me nuts, how they Keep disrespecting the old body, like it's some pariah. They also keep trolling fans of her older body almost every year. Then it dies or goes into limbo. Betsy must have her pick of her old bodies by now.

Fans that don't know she was white, can't really be fans, or are just too lazy to look up her history on the Google machine.

I actually think one day she'll get it back, once the X-men get a true strong Asian character that sticks around. Right now Psylocke is fake diversity, for diversities sake. She's wearing clothes now, and gets more respect as a character. Before I'd say she was popular primarily for T & A reasons only. Also some people from Asian countries finally had a character who stuck around, even if she truly isn't. But one never knows what the future holds.

FSaker said...

I don't think Claremont made her become an Asian to give people from Asian countries a character to stuck around - after all, Jubilee is Asian and she debuted in X-Men before Psylocke became Asian (and Jubilee was quite popular back then, as Wolverine's sidekick).

And while I agree that her fans should know she was originally caucasian, we should remember that fans represent only a small fraction of the total audience of the X-Men (which also includes casual readers and people who don't follow comic books but follow the X-Men in animated series, videogames, movies and other media). To this majority of the general audience, she is better known in her Asian body.

In my opinion, there were three moments where the body swap could have been undone:

1- Right after Acts of Vengeance. Back then, the explanation for her new look wasn't a body swap, just a magic alteration of her body. In fact, Claremont did intend to revert her to her original look by the end of this story, but apparently her Asian look was so successful with X-fans that Marvel chose to keep her this way.

2- When Claremont revived her in the Reload era (some years after Morrison left the X-Men). Since both bodies were dead, he could have revived Psylocke in either one of them (but again, apparently Marvel wanted her to remain Asian).

3- In Fraction's Sisterhood arc. She was absent from the X-Men for so long back then that it would be a nice way to reintroduce her in the franchise.

And that's it. As much as I love Remender's UXF run, it would be a terrible idea to undo the body swap in it, as it would be a bad idea to undo it now.

MellyMel said...

Body swapping issue aside, our girl is racking up some major victories and against some powerful foes. She's beat the Shadow King twice, killed Dark Angel/Apocalypse and now has killed Cassandra Nova. Professor X couldn't even do that. Way to go Betsy!:)

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