Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #12 X-Men 50th Anniversary Variant by Phil Noto


FSaker said...

Great cover! Although Archangel's uniform in it seems to be the one from Kyle & Yost's X-Force, not Remender's UXF. Nevertheless, a great cover!

This week, a picture of Archangel in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was shown (he was already officially confirmed, but only now there's a clear screenshot of his). With him, Deadpool and Wolverine already in the game, it only needs Psylocke and Fantomex for the full UXF lineup (...yeah, I know, there's also Deathlok and AoA-Nightcrawler, but I'm talking about UXF's Original 5 members). I strongly hope Betsy makes it to this game!

FSaker said...

By the way, didn't Psylocke appear this week in Uncanny X-Men #12? Comic Vine lists her as one of the characters that appeared in this issue.

I hope it's true; after all, Bachalo was responsible for the art, and Bachalo's Psylocke is always great! Bachalo's Psylocke with her new uniform must be even better!

Kevin Hee said...

Psylocke's in uxm12 but only 2 panels. And I've also loved Bachalo's Psylocke drawings.