Thursday, September 19, 2013

Psylocke playable in Lego Marvel Superheroes

Newsarama: "The biggest takeaway from the session was a sense of "more". Developer TT Games says they had "more time on this one to do more fun stuff than ever before", thanks to the well developed engine and the team starting early on LEGO Marvel. The numbers behind that general statement are staggering. There are over 150 playable characters from the Marvel Universe shipping with the game (they were originally budgeted at 110 total), and another ten or so DLC characters will be available at first through pre-order exclusives, then opened up to general players after a couple of months." 

"That means you'll see Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, but you'll also play as Rocket Raccoon, Captain Britain, Psylocke, Archangel, Howard the Duck, Silver Samurai, Squirrel Girl (who has an army of squirrels as an attack), Heimdall (in his movie look), and yes, even Stan Lee himself, Stan Lee is playable after you find the fifty hidden Stans throughout the game's story, and he has access to nearly ever powerset in the game. Expect a full list of characters to be released at New York Comic Con in mid-October."


ElvenBrit said...

I'm so excited about this release! Ironically I've just posted about this game on my 'Throne of Otherworld' Blog

FSaker said...

Wow, best news of this week! I was going to buy this game regardless of her presence, but it's much better to know that I'll get to play a LEGO game with Psylocke in it!

Most of the X-Men in this game are with their 1990s looks (so far, the only exceptions are Archangel, Storm and Wolverine - and in Wolverine's case I guess it's because LEGO chose his "Avengers" look), so Betsy will most likely be in her blue bathing suit. That's okay to me; now I wonder if her powers will just be a repetition of Jean's (again, fine to me; LEGO Harry Potter had a lot of characters who shared the same skills) or if she'll get some unique skills (like her psi-knife).

But the important thing is: Psylocke is in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes! YAY!!!