Thursday, September 12, 2013

Battle of The Atom – Chapter 3 Spoilers

Chapter 3 – X-Men #5: Future Jean explains she can't keep her Xorn mask off for too long in order to control her powers. Xavier says young Jean is leaving a psychic trail even though she's trying to mask herself from him. The present and future X-Men aboard the new aircraft The Dove to chase her and Scott. Storm orders Kitty, Rachel and Jubilee to stay at the school should they return. Meanwhile at California, Jean and Scott steal civilian clothes and a motorbike. The X-Men find the Blackbird and Xavier manages to track Jean. At the school, Kitty and Rachel agree that the O5 shouldn't be forced to go back to the past. During their escape, Scott and Jean start to bond, however the X-Men corner them. Scott uses his beams, but it's no use. Kitty and Rachel arrive at the scene. While Kitty argues with Storm about the way they're handling the situation, Rachel teaches young Jean a trick telepathically. Rogue and Psylocke sides with Storm, while Rachel takes Kitty's side. Xavier then realizes Scott and Jean are gone again. They head to Utopia, where they are welcomed by Emma Frost and the Uncanny X-Men.

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FSaker said...

Just a small correction: this issue was X-Men #5, not #6 (which will be part 7 of the Battle of the Atom event).

Anyway, the story is interesting. And as much as I despise Kitty, she does have a point this time. I guess she'll be the one leaving Storm's team after Battle of the Atom is over (maybe Rachel will leave, too). If so, I hope she goes to Cyclops's team - and that he puts her under Emma's authority (Kitty always acts like she's smarter than everyone else, so it would be nice to see Emma putting her in her place).

As for Psylocke, I just can't thank Kris Anka enough for this new outfit of hers. It looks so cool, and David Lopez makes it look even better than it already is! If she keeps it for at least a year or two, I think it has the potential to become an iconic look just like the blue bathing suit (but much more appropriate for a ninja).