Tuesday, August 6, 2013

X-Position: Humphries Teases "Uncanny X-Force's" Future

CBR: Sam Humphries joined X-Position this week to answer all questions about the recent and future developments facing his "Uncanny X-Force" squad, including the reappearance of Demon Bear, Storm's recent actions in Bishop's mind, how the future-shifted X-Man's reappearance will affect the rest of the X-Men's corner of the Marvel U and more.

With "Battle of the Atom" coming out pretty soon, will you get a chance to write Betsy meeting up with young Warren? Since you've had a chance to really get into Psylocke's head (on occasions, quite literally), do you have a cool take on what that meeting would be like?

Humphries: No plans for Betsy to meet young Warren, most of my cool takes on Betsy right now don't involve her in a relationship with someone else. I do love the O5 though -- dropping Spiral in the middle of that crew would be a lot of fun.

Will we see the return of Psylocke's precognition abilities that she has shown in the past?

Humphries: Let's see, I am getting a vision of the future and I see -- no precog powers for Betsy. Sorry!

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FSaker said...

No relationships for Betsy for a while? I like the idea. This book is getting better, but it still needs to improve.

Not related to UXF, but recently I was thinking about A+X. You know, that book that brings two stories per issue, each featuring one Avenger and one X-Man working together. There are already 10 issues released and four other announced for the next months; some characters (such as Captain America, Wolverine, Beast, Iron Man, Gambit, Kitty Pryde, Black Widow, etc.) have already appeared more than once in it. In fact, Cap and Cyclops will have a 6-issue arc in this book (and I won't complain about it, as these two do need some interaction time to settle things down).

Well, with many characters appearing twice or more in A+X, guess who didn't get one single story in it so far? Yes, Psylocke. I know the A+X stories are just silly anthologies, but it still sucks that she's being ignored while even people like Fantomex, Quentin Quire or vampire Jubilee already got their stories.

And even if Marvel doesn't want to team her up with people like Black Widow or Iron Fist, come on, her brother is an Avenger (even though he's not featured in any Avengers book nowadays)! Is it that hard for Marvel to figure out the opportunity to use them together in A+X??