Friday, August 9, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #10 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #10
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: Ramon Perez
Cover by: Kris Anka

The Story:
• The skies of Madripoor run red as Uncanny X-Force face off against Fantomex...Fantomex...and Fantomex!
• We know what Psylocke did last summer, and it’s a doozy! Find out in this edition of Uncanny X-Force True Hollywood Story.
• Storm has no tolerance for your drama. She is a mutant, a goddess, and a headmistress. She’s got enough going on. Stop with the five-paragraph texts. Do not email her. No voicemail.
• What happens in Paris, stays in Paris...unless Puck finds out, in which case it’s probably all over Twitter!

In Stores: August 14, 2013


Eduardo said...

I like the cover and the new conflict. Does Betsy know that Storm touched Bishop's memories about Hope? Is Storm going to share that with Psylocke?
If Bishop comes to know has happened about Hope, he may change his mind about killing her...
Betsy respected Bishop's memories and wants to help him, but Storm didn´t.

Nada said...

The art is an improvement. Odd, though, how this book has yet to put a cohesive cast together. I feel like its hurting it a bit.

Eduardo said...

Hm that is true, there seems to have no connection between them, except for Psylocke and Storm, Puck seems to be there just by accident, it has not been shown what he is there for. There is an arc that will focus on Spiral, let's see what it adds to her as part of this team. Bishop is still a victim. There should be another twist when they face the Revenants.